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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wbal tv 11 news tonight. >> this cellphone video we're watching together captured what is believed to be a twister in ocean city spurred by severe storms, forcing people to run for cover and also leaving behind some damage. tonight, the national weather service is trying to determine if that was, indeed, a tornado that touched down at ocean city earlier today. witnesses reported seeing a final cloud just after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. it hit between 66 and 90th streets. unfortunately, no reports of any injuries. ryan worked at the office on coastal highway and 75th street. >> stuff was coming off the walls. you could hear breaking glass everywhere. it lasted about five seconds and then it was done. i immediately went outside and saw debris.
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balcony furniture from across the street. the building lost a marquee-type sign. >> tom tasselmyer is in the 11 insta-weather plus center with more. >> as the front hit the ball warm, muggy air of the lower eastern shore, it triggered some showers and storms. still a few lean rainshowers off the coast and a few sprinkles clearing the beaches as we speak. much cooler air coming in. temperatures were in the 80's at one time. mowl 50's and those 60's. western maryland is in the 30's and 40's. over the next couple of days it will feel like fall. more with the forecast coming out. >> right now, we have a look at some photos into our ulocal
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area. many of you saw the storm and you knew what to do first of all, keep safe. that is first and foremost. then some of you were able to take amazing pictures. thanks to kevin and leslye. newagen fenn your photos into yourl -- you can't send photos into weal ali has it charged in the death of his twin brother from 2007. >> howard county police say they were able to catch up with him in atlanta after four years of investigative work. the 23-year-old weal ali will eventually return to maryland with a murder charge to his
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name. he's accused of murdering his twin brother. >> this winter are cold case division and they continued to work over the course of -- this went to our cold case division and a continued to work this over the course of four years. >> he has had previous run ins with the law. officials say they were arrested in 2007 for a stolen handgun and impersonating police appeared at the same day that the police search their home kebab wasel was fired from his job after implicating his brother in the scheme. >> very shortly after the the mall is very likely when the murder occurred. >> a passer-by discovered his body on a secluded re-bath near green meadow drive in colombia.
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he died of -- a secluded direct path near green matter of driving columbia. he died of a neck injury. >> other pieces of evidence gathered along the way ultimately lead as to this arrest. >> police are in the process of bringing him back to maryland. the next is weal doesn't fight his extradition, he could be back in maryland in the next week. wbal tv 11 news. >> new decals and the case of robin gardner, the frederick woman who disappeared in a move up. prosecutors say they will reenact the ledger drowning of the 35-year-old. they want to see if it was possible former director around while snorkeling as her traveling companion described. authorities as soon she is dead. messrs. weill has been jailed for almost a month.
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-- giordano has been jailed for almost a month. authorities are following a case where a female student wasied around residence hall on campus tonight. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. there is no word on any suspects or a possible motive. university of maryland police hope surveillance video will help them catch a suspect for assaulting a student. the 19-year-old was attacked in her on-campus apartment last week. she woke up to find the suspect line next to her in bed. cracks -- >> the assault happened early last friday morning. police will be talking to students and looking for possible witnesses. >> the 19-year-old student was sleeping inside your apartment around 330 a and she woke up to found a man -- to
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find a man in her bedroom, my next-door her in bed and fondling her. >> he was touching her body parts and fondling her. >> the victims screamed and ran out the door. she reported it about 18 hours later. she told authorities that he appeared to be college age, wearing a striped shirt with curly hair. >> i am surprised this would happen and what i thought was a safe college area. gratz in your own home. -- >> in your own home. it is frightening. >> this video camera shows a man running for the area at about the same time as the assault. authorities are calling him a person of interest. >> perhaps he had seen someone in the area or this might be the individual. >> the victims bedroom is on the third floor.
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investigators say there is no sign of forced entry. the roommate was in the bedroom at the time, but slept through the victims screen. >> we are having difficulty understanding how he got into the apartment. the door was functioning properly. she had to use your key to getting. all the windows were intact and nothing was deserved. >> police are asking anyone with information about the assault to contact them immediately. >> tonight, the entire kenwood heights junior varsity football team is paying the price after what officials are calling in the appropriate behavior by teammates. an incident took place after school involving several players lady. young late the administrators decided to kick several players off the team and the 49 games forfeited.
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-- the friday night game is forfeited. the principal warned against any attempt to contact the female involved or threats toward students who may or may not have been involved in the investigation. two firefighters are recovering after a fire in an apartment building in montgomery county at the 11,000 block of december waiting white oak. about two dozen residents were displaced when fire destroyed their buildings. both firefighters were treated for non-life threatening injuries. two cats were killed in the fire also. investigators believe unintended cooking sparked the blaze. police in baltimore county are looking for a driver that crashed into the -- into a home this morning. it happened in the 3600 block of heather's way. fire broke out when the car hit a gas line, but the house was making. fortunately, no injuries were reported. after almost five years, the
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army base relocation is finally complete. officials at a their case -- dedication ceremony at the aberdeen proving ground. it brings closure to the massive relocation of the army command and control and communications operations from maryland to -- from new jersey to maryland. >> the relocation process to maryland began in 2005 and brought an estimated 30,000 jobs with it. the state is also expected to gain approximately 28,000 households. john boehner has unveiled his plan for creating jobs and bringing in the nation's debt.
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yet the calling for a -- he's calling for this to committee to overhaul the tax code and to rein in the deficit. >> the committee can lower rates for individuals and corporations while closing deductions, credits, and special carve out in our tax code. >> the plan comes one week in -- since president obama outlined his plan. the new plan calls for infrastructure spending and tax breaks for the middle class and certain business owners. the white house hopes that plan is debated and passed by congress. two new republican members were sworn in today at capitol hill. the misrata seat was easily one after it was vacated in may -- the nevada seat was easily won
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after it was vacated in may. controversy during tonight after two maryland lawmakers claim to raising wages for migrant workers could hurt the state's seafood industry. and all of this rain is threatening one of maryland's natural resources. tonight, the fight to clean out all of this massive storm runoff that is polluting the chesapeake bay. a vicious dog attack ended the death of a miniature schnauzer and injuries to his elderly caretaker. >> a cold front moving off the coast tonight. some cold air of beginning to filter in. 53 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. 59 at the inner harbor. ♪
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>> tonight, baltimore county police are looking for the female owner of three pit bulls who attacked a miniature schnauzer and killed and injured its caretaker. david collins has details. >> he was my buddy. >> 85-year-old joe thompson lost roscoe, a miniature schnauzer, to a vicious attack by what he believes were three pit bulls. it happened near oregon bridge park. the dog belonged to his daughter, but joe was his true master. >> i watched him every day from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. five days a week. i know his vocabulary was to a hundred to 300 words. when 4:00 p.m. came it was snack time.
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when 12:00 came it was that time. he was housebroken in one or two days. >> they used to come to the park every day. this day camacho's spotted in danger. he spotted -- this day, joe spotted danger. he saw three pit bulls running around without a leash. he decided to wait until the dog -- the owner put them in her car. >> they attacked as soon as i got out. >> joe cradled the dog to protect it. he suffered bites on his hands and arms and legs. he says the dog owner managed to get all of the animal's back and her car and then letting to believe that she would follow him to the closest animal hospital. roscoe was in such bad shape he
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had to be transferred to another facility. >> his ribs were not just broken. they were floating. his storax was also broken and floating. >> i want this woman found. and i walk the dogs found. -- i want the dogs found. i think justice needs to happen here and back then she needs to be accountable for what has happened. >> police believe criminal and civil charges may apply. but they first have to find the dog's owner. anyone with information is the urge to call the cockeysville police precinct. >> the owner of the dogs is described as a white female in your 20s, about 5 feet 4 inches, 130 pounds, short light- colored hair. that vehicle was a faded light blue that might have been a four-door, hatchback type vehicle.
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mccleskey and harris is a new legislation concerning micro workers could hurt the maryland seafood industry. new regulations call for an increase in wages for workers at seafood processing plants. but it could change domestic prices, allowing foreign seafood to dominate the market. mikulski says the change could cost american jobs and she vows to delay the role until the economic impact is determined. thanks to last week's storms, heading out on the bay could be serious trouble because of the debris on the waterways. large pieces of debris are scattered throughout. police have been monitoring the waterways for days trying to clean up in the storm's aftermath. their advice for voters headed out this weekend is simple, be extra careful. >> large trees, parts of a dock
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and other construction material. our word to the voters is to be vigilant and koch's -- our word to the boaters is to be vigilant and cautious. >> for more information, go to our website >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the cold front kick off a few showers, a futrall -- strong thunderstorms. no confirmation from the weather service. i'm sure they will be investigating that and likely to find that a tornado did develop. it is dry weather to the north and west of baltimore with clearing skies coming in. the low temperatures on this almanac are the current numbers around the region. we could set some new lows before midnight.
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as high pressure comes in, the insta-weather plus futurecast shows clearing skies into friday morning and it is that clearing trend and a northwest breeze that will bring in the fall-like air. we are down into the 50's. here are some 40's showing up near the pennsylvania line. the 39 degrees at oakland in garrett county. it is a reality check that fall is a around the corner. it does not start until the 23 of this month, but we are getting an early start. northwest wind and clear skies as the sun comes up at 6:48 a.m. friday morning. there's still some cloud cover and a neat that high-pressure system. but the front will kick hurricane maria ourk here -- out of year. sunshine in the morning and cloud cover in the afternoon.
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all weekend long we will be in and out of the clouds. there'll be some showers to our south. it looks like baltimore stays on the northern edge of that with just a little bit of cloud cover. highs will be 64 to 69. a 1 to 24 chop with the waters -- a 122 foot chop with the waters on the bay. at ocean city, a chance for some sunshine tomorrow and a few scattered showers on saturday with ties to the upper 60's. that chance of rain is especially south of ocean city and into virginia. the winds are still 80 miles per hour, so it is still a category one hurricane. but it will rapidly begin over the weekend.
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over thethe weekely weaken weekend. and 40's forhigh the low friday through sunday. an oct. feel to the atmosphere. 70 on monday, 75 on tuesday and then we are back in the 80's with a few scattered showers on wednesday and thursday. >> the ravens are heading south, getting set for a challenge unlike any we have seen in a while.
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>> every week is a unique challenge or two. this week, it is unusual. tennessee lost the season opener. the titans offense did not get on track very much in week one. they struggled against jacksonville. the star of the offense only had nine carries. hasselbeck looked a little uncomfortable.
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but he did get lucky in the 80- yard touchdown pass. have you picked up on the new nests with tennessee? it makes the game prepping a bit difficult. >> trust what you have seen on film. it might not be a lot, but you have to go with it. if things change or you have to change things, you have to adjust on the fly. >> pittsburgh steelers can play this week, but the ravens playoff outside of their roles. -- pittsburgh steelers complained this week that the ravens play outside of the rules. say what you want about the steelers, but in fairness, you have to say that' he doesn't ply
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dirty. a steady diet of playoff contenders to start the season. seven of the orioles' final 11 games, against the boston red sox. the o's will have a plan in determining whether boston goes to the playoffs or not. joe maddon and his tampa bay rays coming up in the win column. third inning, and long korea go straightaway center field. and gone for a three run home run. and in the sixth, casey kochon for a two-run shot. the red sox are back in the wild-card race. generally speaking, most football team's press conferences out pretty much the same, not all.
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david bennett joined the ranks of a classic this week when he explained what he expects from his players, all the while talking about cats and dogs. >> trying to get our two boys ready. 12 cats live across the road. our door is broke. we need to get a new screen door, but the screen is broke. you come in through the screen, but you cannot get back out. i look out and see nickie katia merkitch in. and i say, what are you doing in here? about that time, the cat starts to get back out of the screen will go that way. the cat starts to get all crazy. and i tell my players, we need more? . -- we need more dogs. and i telco nt said, we gotta get the house. yeah, there is a cat and mouse. and i tell our players, we need more dogs.
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b. a dog. -- be a dog. >> that would be doooog. >> we will be back with the seven-day forecast. but first, years jay leno. >> a crazy show coming up. jradi she is on the program. kevin hart as well. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you.
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>> hundreds gathered for the return of the grand opera to be -- to baltimore. they performed before a full house. the event also marked the first year of lyric opera of baltimore teaming up with johns hopkins university. >> a little bit of culture. >> 67 on friday. 68 saturday. 69 on sunday. back into the middle '80s by next week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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